Might Kirk Cousins Turn the Falcons into Super Bowl Contenders?

The Atlanta Falcons are in desperate need of a quarterback, and general manager Terry Fontenot is exploring various options through trade, free agency, and the NFL Draft. If they decide to keep their No. 8 overall pick, they may choose from Drake Maye, Jayden Daniels, or J.J. McCarthy. Alternatively, they could trade for Justin Fields from the Chicago Bears by offering a Day 2 pick. Another potential option is pursuing Kirk Cousins, who will be the top quarterback available when he hits the open market.

The decision-making process for choosing a quarterback involves various factors, with a key question being, “Can he lead us to a Super Bowl victory?” So far, Cousins has not achieved this, with a playoff record of 1-4 and being perceived as a quarterback who wins with the team rather than because of his individual performance. Furthermore, entering his age-36 season with a prior torn Achilles raises concerns.

However, the Falcons present an attractive opportunity for Cousins, with a strong defensive performance ranking fifth in success rate last season. The investments in the offensive line have paid off, and the team boasts a talented trio of Drake London, Bijan Robinson, and Kyle Pitts. While Cousins may not be on par with Justin Jefferson, the Falcons have enough talent for success.

Cousins may also be appealing to the Falcons’ braintrust, as head coach Raheem Morris and offensive coordinator Zac Robinson have familiarity with him. This familiarity, coupled with their experience with the Los Angeles Rams, where a veteran quarterback like Matthew Stafford led to a Super Bowl run, instills confidence that Cousins could elevate the Falcons to contender status.

While Cousins may not be as skilled as Stafford, his 2023 performance suggests he could rejuvenate a franchise. Ultimately, the level of success he could bring is a crucial factor the Falcons must consider in their decision-making process.

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