Michael Thomas appears to validate his departure from the Saints and reflects on his tenure in New Orleans.

Saints wide receiver Michael Thomas appeared to acknowledge his departure from New Orleans on Saturday, expressing gratitude for the city and the support of its fans on social media.

In a post on “X,” formerly known as Twitter, Thomas wrote, “The love from Saints nation has always been so authentic in reality and from the real fans . But the internet just try to create an agenda. Hide behind pages you know fake. Fake pages, bots, trolls etc. stay focused. It’s all fake. 24hr media for clicks it’s the new world.”

The Saints are expected to part ways with Thomas when the new league year begins next week, rather than retaining him for the expensive second year of the contract he signed with the team last offseason.

Thomas also shared several messages and photos from fans, along with multiple posts detailing his charitable contributions in New Orleans during his time with the Saints.

“I used to pull up to the @CovenantHouseNO unannounced and donate trash bags of clothes to the kids. Just pop my trunk and call the front desk. They ask me if I need a certificate I would say no and not even show face. Like over 30x’s. I’m always good in New Orleans,” he wrote in one post.

He also recalled providing a memorable Christmas experience for kids in Treme, New Orleans, despite being in a boot at the time.

Thomas fondly remembered his experiences in the Superdome, especially during the years he played alongside Drew Brees and helped the Saints reach the playoffs for four consecutive years between 2017 and 2020.

As a two-time All-Pro and the 2019 NFL Offensive Player of the Year, Thomas set a league record with 149 receptions that season. However, he struggled with multiple injuries and recorded just 95 receptions over his final four seasons with the Saints.

“It was always fun turning the Dome into one BIG party. Not everyone can do that,” he wrote in one post, and in another, “We took it to the extreme or it didn’t seem honest. #WhoDat.”

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