Jonah Jackson elaborates on his nickname “the Wizard” for Matthew Stafford in Detroit.

Jonah Jackson may be a newcomer to the Los Angeles Rams, but he’s no stranger to blocking for Matthew Stafford. In 2020, during Jackson’s rookie season, he spent a year with Stafford in Detroit, starting in all 16 games as a left guard. Now, with a fresh three-year contract with the Rams, Jackson is eagerly anticipating the opportunity to block for Stafford once again in 2024.

Recalling his time in Detroit, Jackson affectionately referred to Stafford as the “Wizard.” This nickname was earned due to Stafford’s remarkable ability to navigate through challenges on the field and orchestrate game-changing plays. During his introductory press conference, Jackson shed light on how Stafford earned this moniker.

“In Detroit, we called him the ‘Wizard,'” Jackson remarked. “He had this uncanny ability to solve any situation and execute plays that seemed impossible. I’m thrilled to have the chance to protect him once more and witness his magic on the field.”

Stafford’s skill set includes the capacity to make plays that often defy expectations. Whether it’s adjusting his arm angle for a precise sidearm pass or maneuvering within the pocket to deliver a deep throw downfield, Stafford consistently showcases his versatility. With Jackson, Steve Avila, and Kevin Dotson forming a formidable interior offensive line, Stafford may find himself supported by his strongest frontline yet in the 2024 season.

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