The team photo serves as a poignant reminder to Canadiens’ Anderson of the backing he has for his comeback.

MONTREAL — This team photo could be one that Josh Anderson would be tempted to obliterate, wiping away any remnants of what has been a forgettable season for him.

However, the 29-year-old might find it more beneficial to hang it on his wall instead. If this photo marks the moment where he begins to overcome the toughest challenge he’s faced in his career, it could serve as a poignant reminder for years to come.

We all hope it takes a positive turn for Anderson because the current trajectory has been bleak, and nobody, especially him, wants it to continue that way.

Anderson’s season began with a 23-game goal drought, and unfortunately, he seems poised to end it similarly. With just two goals in 33 games since the turn of the year and no points in his last 11 games, there’s little to look back on with satisfaction.

The remaining nine games are crucial for him, and Anderson is acutely aware of this fact. He understands that he can’t simply coast through the remainder of the season and hope for a fresh start next year. Every game, starting with Tuesday’s matchup against the Florida Panthers, presents an opportunity for redemption, one he must seize.

“I think (the games) are really important individually, and for our team,” said Anderson. “I think for me, personally, I just gotta be doing the right things and get back to my game, using that speed, physicality, and trying to shoot as many pucks as I can.”

The reasons behind his struggles have been somewhat perplexing. Despite Anderson’s strong training camp and previous success with the Canadiens, he has found it challenging to regain his form this season.

While it’s evident he’s had difficulties adapting to Coach Martin St. Louis’ system, Anderson showed his capability last season with 21 goals in 69 games. However, this year has been a different story, despite his efforts.

“I think the effort is there, I think the intentions are there,” remarked St. Louis.

But results have been lacking, and Anderson’s recent performances have been concerning. Despite the mental toll, he must persevere and find confidence in himself as the season winds down.

St. Louis maintains faith in Anderson’s ability to bounce back.

“We know Josh can score goals in this league, and he has been proven to be a 20-goal scorer,” St. Louis affirmed. “We know what he can bring, he hasn’t forgotten how to score and stuff, it’s just sometimes the game gets hard a little bit and it’s hard to come out of it. But we know there’s more in there, and he’ll get that back.”

The Canadiens are relying on Anderson to rediscover his form, as they transition towards becoming a winning team in the coming years.

Upon receiving the team photo, Anderson will see a collective of individuals who are fully committed to supporting him in his journey, providing him with yet another reason to hold onto it.

Apart from this, Anderson should not overlook this experience if he truly aims to learn and develop from it. This reflection is integral to propelling him forward.

“It all starts with the player, what he does this summer, and actually having a chance to reflect when the season’s over,” remarked St. Louis. “And also, us as a staff, too, with him. I think when the season’s over, you go through each and every player, and you look at where he needs to get better at and try to have a plan with him and show him examples and whatnot, and there’s still room for growth there. But to me, the answers are everywhere and it’s trying to find the answers for him and trying to work on it and go apply it.

“But it all starts with the player, and we’ll support him and try to get him in a good place.”

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