Domantas Sabonis maintains his remarkable form throughout the season.

For four consecutive months, Domantas Sabonis has maintained a streak of double-doubles in every game, a feat that continues to astound. His last non-double-double game dates back to November 29th, 2023, where he recorded 11 points, 5 rebounds, and 3 assists, a performance that now seems improbable.

Sabonis has now achieved an impressive 57 straight double-doubles and leads the league with 26 triple-doubles. Additionally, this season he reached a milestone shared by only a few players in NBA history:

Players with 1000+ rebounds and 600+ assists in a single season:
– Domantas Sabonis 2023-24
– Wilt Chamberlain 1967-68
– Wilt Chamberlain 1966-67

The breadth of categories in which Sabonis leads or ranks among the league’s top players is truly remarkable.

Domantas Sabonis’ standings among NBA leaders:
– Double-Doubles: 70 (1st)
– Triple-Doubles: 26 (1st)
– Rebounds: 1,007 (1st)
– Rebounds per game: 13.6 (1st)
– Win Shares: 11.4 (4th)
– Assists: 615 (4th)
– Assists per game: 8.3 (5th)
– Field Goal percentage: 60% (8th)

With averages of 19.6 points, 13.6 rebounds, and 8.3 assists per game over 74 games, Sabonis’ performance this season has been a beacon of consistency amid the highs and lows. He reliably secures rebounds, facilitates for teammates, and contributes to scoring, even enduring physical challenges each game.

Sabonis serves as the dependable force propelling the Kings, his contributions often taken for granted amidst the routine of his double-double performances. Yet, it’s essential not to overlook the rarity and significance of his achievements this season. Witnessing Sabonis play is a privilege, and his performance this season is truly special.

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