With most of its roster eligible to return, Gonzaga already considering ‘scary’ possibilities for 2024-25

In Detroit, a year ago, Graham Ike was sidelined with a foot fracture, watching the NCAA Tournament from his Denver home. Now, despite Gonzaga’s loss to Purdue, he finds solace in his team, reflecting on the progress made since his injury. Ike, who’s become a standout player, looks ahead to the future with optimism, eager to continue the journey with his teammates.

With Ike’s remarkable recovery, questions arise about his potential after a summer focused on skill development rather than rehabilitation. Gonzaga’s outlook appears bright, as they anticipate the return of most players, though they’ll miss Anton Watson’s versatility.

Players express excitement about the team’s prospects, fueled by their Sweet 16 experience. Despite the loss, they see potential for growth and success next season.

Reflecting on the previous offseason’s challenges, Gonzaga has shown resilience, evolving into a formidable team. With key players likely to return, along with potential reinforcements, the team’s depth and chemistry bode well for the future.

While acknowledging the loss of Watson, players remain optimistic about the team’s potential and are committed to their collective success. Gonzaga fans eagerly await the next season, pondering the possibilities for their beloved team.

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