The lesser-known utility prospect in the Yankees organization is excelling at the Triple-A level.

Initially, the Yankees’ acquisition of Indigo Diaz and Caleb Durbin from the Braves for Lucas Luetge seemed like a minor transaction. Neither Diaz nor Durbin was highly regarded, and the Yankees lacked leverage since it was a DFA situation prompting the trade, indicating they were ready to lose Luetge for nothing. However, the trade has turned out to be far more significant than expected. Durbin has emerged as a standout performer in the organization over the past two seasons, and his exceptional start to Triple-A career suggests he’s on track for bigger things.

Durbin has been dominating at the highest level of Minor League Baseball, positioning himself just a step away from the majors. This remarkable journey from Division III college baseball to Triple-A is a testament to Durbin’s talent and perseverance. Despite the lesser attention given to Division III sports compared to Division I events like March Madness and the College World Series, Durbin excelled at Washington University in St. Louis and was drafted by the Braves in the 14th Round.

Notably, it has been over six decades since a player from Washington University reached such heights in professional baseball. Standing at just 5’6″, Durbin faces physical challenges compared to taller players, but he has defied expectations, showcasing both power and contact skills. With an impressive slash line of .469/.571/.781 and a 242 wRC+ in his first nine games, Durbin’s performance is turning heads and suggesting that he is a rare talent worth watching.

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