Bengals’ tight end Gesicki in awe of Joe Burrow’s talent

Tight end Mike Gesicki has been a reliable target for various quarterbacks throughout his six-year career, and he’s excited about the prospect of catching passes from Joe Burrow, the newly signed Bengals quarterback.

Gesicki expressed his admiration for Burrow, noting that he has never been in a huddle with that kind of talent before. He also commended Burrow’s leadership qualities, stating that he’s someone the team looks up to and that he’s been easy to talk to with a good sense of humor.

Despite their mutual excitement, Burrow is currently recovering from a torn wrist ligament that prematurely ended his 2023 season, delaying their on-field collaboration. However, Gesicki is looking forward to the opportunity to practice and play with Burrow once he’s fully healed.

The Bengals are optimistic about the impact Gesicki will have on their offense, especially considering the team’s recent lack of a standout tight end threat. In Burrow’s four seasons, no Cincinnati tight end has surpassed 500 receiving yards, and last year’s unit lacked a consistent number one option.

Tight ends coach James Casey believes that Gesicki’s addition will add a new dimension to Burrow’s passing game, providing flexibility and an above-average pass-catching option at the tight end position.

“It gives you flexibility when you feel like you have an above-average pass catcher at tight end,” Casey commented. “You can put him in some receiving roles, too. You know Mike can do some of that stuff. Over the last five years I’ve seen him run across the field and make explosive plays. Go across the field, like on a crossing route, and he’s got enough speed.”

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