Kirk Cousins draws parallels between the Falcons and the Shaq-era Miami Heat, expressing his desire for Atlanta to be his last NFL team.

For the past six years, Kirk Cousins has led the Minnesota Vikings, but he’s aiming to conclude his NFL journey with the Atlanta Falcons. Following his $180 million deal with the team, Cousins likened the Falcons to the mid-2000s Miami Heat, expressing aspirations for a championship in Georgia.

Speaking on Shaquille O’Neal’s “The Big” podcast, Cousins stated his desire for Atlanta to be his final destination, drawing parallels to O’Neal’s tenure with the Heat. He emphasized wanting to avoid bouncing around to other teams like the Suns or Celtics toward the end of his career.

Reflecting on his career trajectory, Cousins highlighted the importance of leaving a lasting impression, particularly for his young sons who are unlikely to remember his time with Washington and Minnesota. He sees the Falcons as an opportunity to create lasting memories for his family.

Despite his consistent performance as a quarterback over the years, Cousins acknowledges the absence of a deep playoff run on his resume. With just one postseason victory to his name, he sees Atlanta as a chance to change that narrative, especially given the team’s potential to compete for an NFC South title.

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