Roman Wilson describes how the Titans evoke memories of his time at Michigan.

One potential consideration for the Tennessee Titans at wide receiver in the 2024 NFL draft is Roman Wilson from Michigan, who is anticipated to be a second-round pick, a slot where the Titans hold one (No. 38 overall).

Wilson, who met with the Titans for a pre-draft visit, shared positive impressions of the team on “Up & Adams” with Kay Adams, drawing parallels between Tennessee and Michigan.

“They definitely stood out for me,” Wilson remarked about the Titans. “They’re a team that kind of reminds me of Michigan. They’re trying to rebuild their team and start with the foundation, start with the culture. I really felt that. I feel like they really believe in the guys that they have and I feel like they can see a role for me in that offense.”

Wilson, standing at 5-foot-11 and weighing 185 pounds, possesses exceptional speed once he accelerates. He excels in attacking the intermediate and deep parts of the field, providing an explosive element to Michigan’s offensive strategy. However, he needs to refine his route-running skills to fully maximize his potential. With solid hands and the ability to gain yards after the catch, Wilson presents the potential to become a starting slot receiver.

Given head coach Brian Callahan’s search for a slot receiver, the Titans may prioritize acquiring one in the draft, especially considering the lack of reliable in-house options. Wilson not only fits this role but also brings the speed to stretch opposing defenses, which aligns with what the Titans may be seeking to bolster their offense for the upcoming season.

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