The Atlanta Braves are set to organize the Third Annual Baseball Showcase featuring Native American All-Stars.

The Atlanta Braves are set to host the third annual Native American All-Star Baseball Showcase at Truist Park from June 7-9. This event will bring together top high school baseball players of Native American heritage from across North America for a pro-style workout on June 8 and a showcase game on June 9.

As part of their commitment to fostering diversity in baseball, the Braves aim to provide access and opportunities for talented players from diverse backgrounds. The Native American All-Star Baseball Showcase will shine a spotlight on high school players aspiring to excel in the sport at higher levels. The event not only offers the unique experience of playing in a Major League ballpark but also serves as a platform for players to gain exposure to college and Major League scouts.

The pro-style workout on June 8, managed by the Marquis Grissom Baseball Association, will focus on defensive skills, including fielding, throwing, and catcher pop times. A Home Run Derby featuring select players from Saturday’s batting practice will follow the workout.

On June 9, the players will be split into two teams for the showcase game, with former Major League Baseball players Marquis Grissom, Johnny Estrada, Marvin Freeman, and Lou Collier coaching the teams. The Atlanta Braves will utilize TrackMan Baseball, a leading sports analytics technology company, to capture and analyze player statistics, aiding in player development.

Last year’s event saw 45 high school baseball players of Native American descent, representing 30 tribal affiliations from 13 states and Canada, participate in the showcase. States including North Carolina, Mississippi, California, and Oklahoma were represented, showcasing the diversity and talent within the Native American baseball community

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