Nicolas Jackson has reacted to Mauricio Pochettino amid concerns about the future of Chelsea.

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Nicolas Jackson of Chelsea found himself in a penalty controversy during a match against Everton. He, along with Noni Madueke and Cole Palmer, all vied to take the penalty kick, but Palmer ultimately took it, securing his fourth goal of the game. Despite Jackson and Alfie Gilchrist also scoring, the incident marred what should have been a commendable performance. Mauricio Pochettino, the Chelsea boss, was displeased with the squabble and made it clear that Palmer is the designated penalty taker for the team.

Reports suggest that Jackson remained frustrated even after the match, needing Moises Caicedo’s calming presence. Pochettino reiterated Palmer’s role as the penalty taker to the entire team. Jackson seems to have acknowledged the message from his manager and is expected to refrain from similar actions in the future, despite his desire to excel in the Premier League. Palmer, too, emphasized his willingness to continue shouldering the responsibility of taking penalties in subsequent interviews.

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