Jared Goff expresses that Detroit is now his new residence, stating that the city understands what it feels like to be disregarded, much like he has been.

The unexpected pairing of Jared Goff with the Detroit Lions in 2021 might have raised eyebrows initially, but since then, Goff has had numerous standout moments. In 2023, he ranked second in the NFL for passing yards and led the Lions to their first division title in three decades, ending a 32-year playoff win drought. Adding to his eventful years, he is also set to marry his fiancée, Christen Harper, this summer.

For the California native turned Detroit resident, these years have been quite eventful. Goff expressed his newfound attachment to Detroit, despite his Californian roots, during an interview with USA TODAY Sports while discussing his partnership with Jared the Galleria of Jewelry.

Goff’s resilience in the face of adversity mirrors Detroit’s own struggles. The city, deeply affected by the Great Recession and later filing for bankruptcy, has since made significant economic strides.

Initially overshadowed in a trade that sent Matthew Stafford to the Rams, Goff wasn’t expected to achieve much in Detroit. However, he proved skeptics wrong with a Pro Bowl season in 2022 and played a pivotal role in the Lions’ playoff victories last year.

Reflecting on his journey, Goff acknowledged the shared experience of feeling undervalued or discarded, resonating with many in Detroit. Despite the uncertainty of his future with the Lions, Goff expressed his desire to stay long-term, citing positive discussions about a contract extension.

Lions general manager Brad Holmes has also expressed the team’s interest in retaining Goff, aiming to build on their recent successes.

“At the NFL’s annual league meeting last month, Holmes expressed optimism about maintaining and enhancing the team’s trajectory, noting, ‘Hopefully we can stay that course and keep improving and keep upgrading. I know we’re better today than we were when we ended the season.’

Currently, Goff is gearing up for his wedding this summer and preparing for the 2024 season amid heightened expectations both internally and externally following their playoff-ending campaign.

Goff remarked, ‘Expectations have risen internally and externally, and our standards have been raised. It’s crucial for us to acknowledge that it will require greater effort and work in all aspects compared to before. We recognize that we are the defending champions in our division, and the other three teams will be eager to dethrone us. That will be our first challenge, and from there, hopefully, we’ll be lifting the trophy at the end of the year.'”

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