Ben Gregg of Gonzaga achieves the prestigious designation of ‘Ultimate Zag’ following a standout season.

A player who earns the esteemed title of “Ultimate Zag” significantly contributes to the team’s success in ways that extend beyond what traditional statistics can measure.

Recent Gonzaga men’s basketball players like Drew Timme, known for his magnetic personality and intense competitiveness, and Anton Watson, recognized for his selfless attitude and adaptability, exemplify this ethos. While talent is crucial, the most impactful players at Gonzaga, the “ultimate” Zags, possess unique qualities yet share a common trait—they remain authentic to themselves.

Ben Gregg exemplifies this ethos. Initially without a defined role as a freshman, Gregg transformed into a pivotal player for Gonzaga’s offensive resurgence in the last season. His willingness to dive for loose balls, fight for rebounds, defend multiple positions, and showcase long-range shooting sparked the team’s momentum when he joined the starting lineup during West Coast Conference play. Gregg’s selfless and competitive mindset fueled his desire to win.

Embracing the role of a player who excels in the subtle aspects of the game wasn’t innate for Gregg. However, over the past two seasons, he recognized that to earn playing time alongside other talented teammates, he needed to contribute in all aspects of the game.

Gregg’s selflessness will define his tenure at Gonzaga and solidify his importance to the program in the upcoming season. Coach Mark Few commended Gregg’s commitment to the team, highlighting his deep connection to the program and his impactful contributions both on and off the court.

Gregg played a significant role in Gonzaga’s offensive efficiency during the 2023-24 season. After being promoted to the starting lineup, the team experienced a surge in performance, winning the majority of their games and boasting one of the nation’s most efficient offenses. Gregg’s ability to stretch the floor with his shooting improved spacing for his teammates and enhanced scoring opportunities.

Defensively, Gregg’s tenacity and hustle made him a formidable presence on the court. He ranked among the top players in the conference for defensive metrics, showcasing his ability to disrupt opponents and protect the rim.

As Gregg’s reputation as a sharpshooter grows, opponents will adjust their defensive strategies to counter him. Developing additional offensive skills, such as dribble-drive moves, akin to Drew Timme’s versatile scoring, could elevate Gregg’s game to new heights.

While Gregg may never possess an elaborate dribbling repertoire, honing his ability to drive to the basket, similar to Timme’s evolution, could make him an even more formidable scoring threat for Gonzaga in the future.

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