49ers General Manager Lynch jests that he ‘could end up behind bars’ if he were to play in the NFL today.

John Lynch, a notable figure in NFL history, acknowledges that his physical playing style wouldn’t be permissible in today’s game, despite his storied career. Addressing the media before the 2024 NFL Draft, the Pro Football Hall of Fame safety discussed how the game has evolved and how his approach to evaluating players has adapted accordingly.

Lynch humorously remarked that with today’s rules, he “might be in jail,” alluding to the stricter regulations governing physicality on the field. He emphasized that while his style of play wouldn’t fit the current standards, good players adjust to the rules. He affirmed that physicality remains an integral aspect of the game, although defensive players have had to modify their tackling techniques due to rule changes.

The 49ers’ general manager stressed the importance of playing with physicality, noting that it’s a defining characteristic of their team. He observed that recent rule changes have led to innovative tackling techniques, such as the hip drop, which has become prevalent despite its roots in adapting to new regulations.

While acknowledging that some players struggle with these changes, Lynch believes that the best athletes find ways to remain effective within the confines of the rules.

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