Reportedly, the 49ers have provided assurance to Deebo that he will not be traded either during or after the draft.

While uncertainty looms over Brandon Aiyuk’s future with the 49ers, fans can take comfort in the fact that the team has assured Deebo Samuel that he won’t be traded during or after this week’s NFL draft. This assurance comes from a source familiar with the discussions, as reported by the San Francisco Chronicle’s Mike Silver on Tuesday.

The possibility of a trade involving Samuel arose due to the apparent financial challenges of retaining both star receivers, particularly with quarterback Brock Purdy becoming eligible for a significant contract extension next season.

Samuel inked a three-year, $71.55 million extension before the 2022 season, while Aiyuk’s contract extension remains unresolved two years later.

Although Phase 1 of OTAs commenced last week, Aiyuk has been absent. However, Purdy mentioned he’s maintained constant communication with his top target and desires the best for him.

General manager John Lynch emphasized the organization’s preference for Aiyuk to remain a long-term part of the team, despite not divulging specifics about the ongoing negotiations.

Aiyuk seeks compensation commensurate with his on-field performance, particularly after his standout season. He is set to earn $14.1 million in the 2024 season on the fifth-year option and could become an unrestricted free agent if an extension isn’t reached this offseason. Reports indicate Aiyuk is eyeing a contract averaging “well over” $25 million annually, a figure the 49ers have been hesitant to meet.

With the NFL draft approaching on Thursday, if a trade involving Aiyuk doesn’t materialize by the end of the first round, it’s likely he will remain with the 49ers for at least another season.

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