Sad to leave: Greg Olsen of Carolina Panthers announces his last season with the panthers might he be done with the…..

Greg Olsen in 2019 was the last time the Carolina Panthers had a strong, consistent threat at tight end in the passing game. Realistically, it might have been 2016, given that Olsen’s final three years were plagued by foot injuries.

The Panthers have been searching for a suitable replacement, but it hasn’t happened in the four years since Olsen left. The instability in coaching staff and the frequent changes at quarterback have disrupted the passing game, with tight ends being almost invisible. However, things are expected to improve under new head coach Dave Canales.

“I think it’s tight end-friendly,” Canales said about his offense. “We don’t often ask our tight ends to be dominant blockers in the run game. Sometimes we will, but our system leverages their skillsets, looking for versatile tight ends. We’re not necessarily seeking a massive, 270-pound blocker, though they have their place. Instead, if you have a smaller, more agile route runner, you can utilize him in various ways, like blocking a defensive end on the backside or finding better matchups.”

Carolina selected Ja’Tavion Sanders in the fourth round of this year’s draft, but he may not play a significant role in the offense until later in the season. The player to watch is Tommy Tremble, whom Dan Morgan is very optimistic about.

“Tommy Tremble is highly regarded by us,” Dan Morgan said in March. “His development last year and his progress have us very excited.”

Usually, when a player hasn’t broken through after three years, doubts start to arise. However, Tremble might be a late bloomer. He entered the league at just 21 and has played in three different offenses in three years, now entering his fourth with Canales. Some recent draftees are older than Tremble, who already has three years of experience. While he hasn’t yet excelled as a receiver, his best football may still be ahead of him.

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