Another one: Lukas Jutkiewic is on his way to the Birmingham City club to help take the team to the next…….

Under their new ownership, there is hope that their relegation to the third tier is only a temporary setback in their quest to return to a higher level after several challenging years in the Championship.

Among those who have remained loyal through the highs and lows is veteran striker Lukas Jutkiewicz. However, his future has been uncertain with his contract set to expire this summer, and the deadline fast approaching.

Now, according to Birmingham Live, an agreement between Jutkiewicz and Birmingham City is close. The length of the deal has not been specified, but it would be a significant boost for Chris Davies.

Although the 35-year-old Jutkiewicz’s goal-scoring may have declined, his experience and leadership are invaluable and could be crucial in their effort to return to the Championship.

Jutkiewicz is a fan favorite among Birmingham City supporters and an important leader in the squad, so retaining him would be a positive development for everyone at St. Andrew’s.

A player of his caliber will be crucial in such an important season. The striker has played for various teams, but with 330 appearances for the Blues, he has spent a significant portion of his career at the club.

During this time, he has scored 66 goals and provided 27 assists, and has captained the team on several occasions.

Jutkiewicz has only played 12 League One matches throughout his career, but with 473 Championship appearances, a drop to the third tier might help him regain the impressive goal-scoring form that made him a fixture in the second tier.

Birmingham City already needs more attacking options, so retaining Jutkiewicz means the recruitment team has one less player to search for in a notoriously difficult area to strengthen.

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