Connor Williams is unlikely to return to the sMiami Dolphin as a free agent, focusing instead on securing a new team before training camp following his recovery from a knee injury that curtailed his last season with the Dolphins. His agent, Drew Rosenhaus, suggested during a recent appearance on WSVN that while Williams would consider a return to Miami, it’s not the most probable scenario.

Rosenhaus noted that the Dolphins have made significant moves, including signing Aaron Brewer as a center, potentially signaling their plans to retain Brewer in that role. Williams, originally a guard with the Dallas Cowboys before transitioning to center with the Dolphins, faces uncertainty around his rehabilitation from a torn ACL. Despite this, the Dolphins may have openings at guard, particularly after losing Robert Hunt to the Carolina Panthers in free agency.

Reflecting on Williams’ recovery progress, Rosenhaus expressed optimism about the upcoming season and confirmed interest from multiple teams in signing him. Williams has been praised for his performance at center for the Dolphins, although he has faced challenges with snapping. Brewer, a former guard like Williams, was also moved to center last season with the Titans and appears to fit well into Miami’s offensive scheme.

As Williams prepares to join a new team for the 2024 season, Rosenhaus highlighted his remarkable recovery and anticipated a successful training camp ahead.

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