The Indiana Pacers experienced a tumultuous period with their coaching staff during the pandemic. After extending Nate McMillan’s contract, they fired him the following year and sought a new coach. They aimed for a younger coach who could connect with the players and grow with the developing roster.

Kevin Pritchard chose Nate Bjorkgren, appointing him as head coach for the 2020-21 season. The situation quickly deteriorated as Bjorkgren was disliked by nearly all Pacers players and struggled to gain the support of his coaching staff.

In what was arguably their most disappointing season in decades, the Pacers ended with a 34-38 record, despite making the playoffs the previous year. Recognizing his mistake, Pritchard fired Bjorkgren after the season and hired Rick Carlisle, who has since been successful. Meanwhile, Bjorkgren has found a new role.

The former Pacers coach is now joining the Portland Trail Blazers’ staff under Chauncey Billups after working as an assistant in Toronto. He is eager to learn and hopes for another chance at a head coaching position.

Bjorkgren was relatively inexperienced when hired by Indiana and has since acknowledged his mistakes. Having gained experience in different roles, he might soon be considered for another head coaching opportunity.

While Pacers fans, and myself included, may not hold much affection for Bjorkgren, it’s important not to wish for his career to stagnate. It would be interesting to see if he has grown from his previous experience and how he performs in a future head coaching role.

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