Jordan Ross Draws Attention During the Week of UA All-America

In 2024, Tennessee defensive line coach Rodney Garner had a successful recruiting class, notably with the signing of Jordan Ross, a five-star edge rusher. A major recruiting victory for Garner and company occurred when Ross selected the Vols over Texas, Florida, Georgia, Alabama, and Georgia. Following the signing of his national letter of intent, Ross competed in the Under Armour All-American Game and emerged victorious.

On September 13, 2022, the Vols extended an offer to Ross. At that point, they were the second college program—after South Carolina—to extend one. A few days later, Tennessee invited him to an unofficial visit for a regular-season game against Akron. Once mutual interest started, it persisted throughout the summer, when Ross named Tennessee one of his top universities. Throughout the summer, that starting lineup shifted a few times, but Tennessee remained constant. The coaching staff’s approach to him was genuine and consistent right from the start, and that really helped Ross.

Ross attacks the football when he notices something; he is not a cautious player. With his ability to accelerate from a complete stop to maximum velocity, he frequently uses his shoulders as batting rams to break through blockers and tight ends in pass protection. Attackers attempt to disorient Ross and force him to bite prematurely, but Ross is well aware of what he is seeing. During his junior year of high school, Ross was assisting his teammates in understanding the direction of the play by pointing out formations and tendencies to them. And once more, he can quickly resolve any mistakes he makes thanks to his tools.

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