A second Most Valuable Player award for Lamar Jackson would elevate him to an elite echelon, underscoring his remarkable achievements.


Lamar Jackson didn’t emerge as an MVP candidate this season based on his statistical achievements alone, such as leading the league in touchdown passes and setting rushing records, which he accomplished in 2019 when he became only the second unanimous MVP in NFL history.

This season, Jackson didn’t necessarily have a standout moment like his iconic spin move and dash to the end zone in Cincinnati or his five touchdown passes in Los Angeles. However, what he did showcase was his pivotal role as the linchpin of his team’s success. As Hall of Fame quarterback and ESPN analyst Troy Aikman noted during a Baltimore Ravens broadcast this past season, Jackson shoulders an unparalleled amount of responsibility for his team.

In 2023, Jackson demonstrated significant growth as a passer, decision-maker, and leader while adapting to a new offense under first-year Ravens coordinator Todd Monken. Despite facing this challenge, he remained healthy and continued to excel as a dual-threat quarterback.

Throughout November and December, as teams vied for playoff berths, Jackson consistently stood out as the best player on the field week after week. The Ravens notably outperformed numerous top teams and MVP candidates, finishing the regular season with a 13-4 record and securing the AFC’s top seed.

According to Ravens veteran wide receiver Nelson Agholor, Jackson’s focus has always been on achieving results rather than personal accolades. A true MVP, in Agholor’s view, is someone who drives their team to victory through leadership, performance, and execution ‚ÄĒ qualities Jackson exemplifies.

At the age of 27, Jackson is widely expected to be named the league’s MVP for the 2023 season at the NFL Honors ceremony in Las Vegas. He has already received numerous accolades, including being named the first-team All-Pro quarterback and earning the 2023 MVP title from the Pro Football Writers of America.

If Jackson secures the Associated Press MVP award, he will join a select group of just 11 players in NFL history to win the award multiple times, solidifying his place among legendary figures such as Peyton Manning, Aaron Rodgers, and Tom Brady.

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