Tennessee Volunteers baseball achieves an exceptionally uncommon accomplishment.

The Tennessee Volunteers baseball team achieved a remarkably rare feat during Saturday night’s game against the Oklahoma Sooners. In the seventh inning, they executed a triple play, preventing any runs from the opposition.

Left-handed pitcher Chris Stamos showcased his skills with a remarkable diving catch during a bunt attempt, with runners on first and second. Following the catch, Stamos swiftly threw the ball to shortstop Christian Moore, who managed to double up both runners, completing the unusual triple play.

After the game, Tennessee baseball coach Tony Vitello shared with reporters that while he has witnessed triple plays before, this one stood out. He mentioned, “I know I have a couple of times. I know that was probably one way I know I haven’t – don’t remember it being like that.” Vitello highlighted Moore’s efforts in putting multiple tags out there and emphasized the significance of getting the outs in any possible way.

Despite the memorable triple play, Tennessee ultimately lost the game 5-1 in extra innings. However, the extraordinary play will be etched in the memories of Moore and the entire Vols lineup for years to come.

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