Levis supports the notion of the Titans acquiring Calvin Ridley.

Under the guidance of new head coach Brian Callahan, the Tennessee Titans are poised to transition to a more pass-oriented offense in 2024, a change that quarterback Will Levis is likely to welcome. In a recent interview on the “RG3 and The Ones” podcast with former NFL quarterback Robert Griffin III, Levis expressed his eagerness to increase passing plays in the upcoming season.

Levis emphasized his anticipation for a greater focus on aerial plays, particularly on earlier downs, expressing his determination to master the passing game under Callahan’s tutelage. He acknowledged Callahan’s expertise in coaching the passing game and expressed his aspiration to become another successful product of Callahan’s coaching.

Before the Titans can fully execute their offensive strategy, they must address deficiencies in the wide receiver corps and bolster their offensive line, which struggled with pass protection in the previous season. Levis specifically mentioned his interest in playing alongside pending free agent Calvin Ridley from the Jacksonville Jaguars, highlighting Ridley’s exceptional skills and his familiarity with Titans’ offensive coordinator Nick Holz, who previously served as the Jaguars’ passing-game coordinator in 2023.

Levis praised Ridley’s abilities and expressed interest in potentially collaborating with him in the offseason to enhance their chemistry on the field. However, Levis acknowledged that the decision ultimately lies with the team management and emphasized his lack of influence in such matters.

While it remains uncertain whether the Jaguars will retain Ridley, Levis suggested that the Titans should consider pursuing him, citing Ridley’s potential impact as a valuable addition to the team’s receiving options and the potential to weaken a division rival in the process.

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