Keyonte George is further developing his presence and influence.

Rookie guard Keyonte George is relatively new to the role of point guard, having been accustomed to being a primary scorer for most of his basketball career, including high school and his sole college season at Baylor. Transitioning to a playmaking role in his rookie NBA season has presented challenges, particularly in terms of communication.

Adjusting to directing older and more experienced teammates has been a learning process for George. He acknowledged feeling discomfort initially in directing players significantly older than him, but he also recognized the support he receives from his teammates, who allow him to lead and learn from his mistakes on the court.

As the NBA season progresses, Jazz coach Will Hardy has emphasized the importance of George finding his voice and becoming more assertive in directing the team on the court. Hardy acknowledges the inherent difficulty of being a rookie point guard, especially in managing and instructing veteran players.

Despite the initial discomfort, George has shown significant growth, particularly in practice environments where he feels more at ease speaking up and providing directions. However, Hardy emphasizes the need for George to translate this confidence and assertiveness into game situations, where consistent communication is vital, especially during live play.

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