Blake Fisher elaborates on his choice to depart Notre Dame prematurely.

As part of the notable 2024 NFL Draft class from Notre Dame, former Irish offensive tackle Blake Fisher is currently present at the 2024 NFL Scouting Combine in Indianapolis. Fisher’s decision to declare early was somewhat controversial, as he opted to forego multiple years of eligibility.

While Fisher’s talent has always been evident, consistency had been a concern. He conducted thorough research and sought advice from various sources before concluding that it was time to move forward.

“I consulted with my coaches, Coach (Joe) Rudolph, Coach (Marcus) Freeman, my agents, and my family,” Fisher elaborated. “I wanted to understand their perspectives and assess my readiness.”

Receiving encouragement from Coach Rudolph, Fisher felt confident about his decision and focused on devising a strategic plan.

During media discussions at the Combine, Fisher was asked to pinpoint the games that best showcased his abilities. He cited matchups against Ohio State and USC in the past year, emphasizing his dominance in the run game and his overall impact on the field.

While Fisher’s talent is widely acknowledged, the focus now lies on unlocking his full potential and attaining greater consistency. His draft preparation has centered on refining his skills through rigorous training sessions in Dallas, Texas, under Duke Manyweather’s guidance.

Despite differing opinions regarding his early declaration, Fisher has received positive feedback from the NFL community thus far. He aims to build on this momentum during the Combine, striving to impress scouts, decision-makers, and coaches in attendance.

Fisher expresses gratitude for his journey, acknowledging the invaluable lessons learned at Notre Dame. He attributes his presence at the Combine to hard work and dedication, highlighting the supportive environment fostered at the university.

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