Haywood Highsmith is seen crying in recently disclosed police body camera footage following a devastating car accident.

Newly released body camera footage from the Miami police captures Haywood Highsmith, a player for the Miami Heat, displaying visible distress. Highsmith was cited by authorities for reckless driving following a Feb. 6 collision that resulted in the partial amputation of a 21-year-old man’s leg. The footage depicts a visibly concerned Highsmith at the accident scene.

Highsmith was returning home from the Heat’s game against the Orlando Magic at the nearby Kaseya Center and was traveling at 45 mph in a 40 mph zone. Miami-Dade police officers recorded Highsmith’s statement as he tearfully mentioned, “The signal lights were not on.” Unfortunately, by the time he realized the situation and exited the vehicle, it was too late.

During the incident, Alekxei Pino was assisting another motorist with a disabled Toyota SUV, which had its lights off, when Highsmith’s 2021 Audi A5 collided with him.

Highsmith’s girlfriend, Mel Díaz Carrasco, attempts to console him by rubbing his back, reassuring him that Pino survived. Although the crash was not fatal, Pino sustained severe injuries, including an above-the-knee amputation and numerous other medical procedures.

As a result, Pino filed a lawsuit against Haywood, seeking damages exceeding $50,000.

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