The Miami Marlins might not be securing a DH. Martinez from their hometown after all.

It’s no surprise that the Miami Marlins are in need of a designated hitter to fill the gap left by Jorge Soler’s departure. Throughout the off-season, I’ve been hopeful that the Marlins would pursue none other than Miami native J.D. Martinez to step into that role perfectly in the middle of the batting order. Unfortunately, it seems like that prospect is not materializing, at least for now.

The Marlins must figure out a way to secure J.D. Martinez as their new DH. Martinez, at 36 years old, is limited to DH duties for the remainder of his career. However, with an increasing number of teams preferring to rotate and rest players in the DH spot, a full-time DH isn’t as valuable. This situation limits Martinez’s market, especially since he reportedly desires a two-year contract when a one-year deal appears more feasible. This could be why he remains unsigned as Spring Training progresses.

The specifics of Martinez’s annual salary demands remain unknown, potentially posing another obstacle to teams considering signing him. It’s likely he seeks around $16-18 million per year, which might be excessive. The length of the contract could be why the Marlins are hesitant to sign the hometown slugger.

Another reason for the delay could be the Marlins’ intention to rotate the DH spot among multiple players. Third baseman Jake Burger and first baseman Josh Bell are prime candidates to share time there, while Jon Berti and Luis Arraez could cover their positions, depending on who assumes the DH role.

Martinez is coming off an impressive 2023 season with the Los Angeles Dodgers, boasting a .271/.321/.572 batting line, along with 33 home runs and 103 RBI in 113 games and 432 at-bats. His elite 93.4 Exit Velocity further underscores his prowess. As Spring Training progresses, Martinez should consider seeking a one-year deal. Additionally, the Marlins ought to explore ways to fill the void left by Jorge Soler’s departure with a significant bat like Martinez’s. There must be a strategy to make this signing happen.

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