Nikola Jokic Identifies Top NBA Team

While the Denver Nuggets currently stand as one of the strongest teams in the NBA, boasting an impressive performance, it’s noteworthy that the Boston Celtics hold the best record in the league. Hence, Nikola Jokic lauds the Celtics extensively.

Following the Nuggets’ victory over the Celtics on Thursday night, Jokic expressed admiration for his potential NBA Finals contenders.

“They are a truly formidable team,” Jokic remarked. “They possess solutions for every situation, be it in matchups, defense, or offense. They are a well-rounded team and are currently excelling, which is why they hold the top spot in the NBA. It’s a formidable challenge playing against them. They exhibit height, length, and strong defensive skills, complemented by their astute players. They are truly outstanding.”

Despite the Celtics’ remarkable performance, the Denver Nuggets have secured a 2-0 regular-season sweep over them. Should the NBA Finals commence today, the Nuggets would likely be favored over the Celtics in betting, regardless of the latter’s regular-season record.

Nonetheless, the Celtics undeniably demonstrate their dominance this season, consistently triumphing over opponents and leading the league. However, their reliance on three-pointers remains a challenge, where the Nuggets hold an advantage.

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