Titans set to ink deal with C Lloyd Cushenberry: Key points to understand

The Tennessee Titans significantly bolstered their offensive line during the opening day of the free agency legal tampering period by reaching an agreement with former Denver Broncos center, Lloyd Cushenberry. This acquisition marks the first deal the Titans have struck with an offensive lineman, and at present, it remains their sole agreement in that position.

For several years, the Titans benefited from a strong presence at center following the signing of Ben Jones in 2016. Jones not only excelled as a center on the field but also contributed positively to the team’s locker room dynamics. However, in 2023, Aaron Brewer took over the center position from Jones. While Brewer demonstrated commendable leadership, effective run-blocking, and durability, his pass protection left much to be desired.

Brewer’s deficiencies in pass protection were particularly worrisome given the Titans’ anticipated shift toward a more pass-oriented offensive strategy. In the 2023 season, Brewer yielded six sacks and 34 pressures across 1,049 snaps, resulting in a lackluster Pro Football Focus pass-blocking grade of 52.5.

The signing of Cushenberry brings excitement, especially due to his significant improvement in pass protection. In the previous season, Cushenberry allowed only one sack and 14 total pressures, earning an impressive PFF grade of 76.4. Furthermore, over the last two seasons, Cushenberry has surrendered fewer sacks (two) and pressures (23) combined than Brewer did in 2023 alone.

While Cushenberry may not be renowned for his run-blocking prowess, he still maintains a solid performance in that aspect, registering a PFF grade of 72.4, which is only 6.3 points lower than Brewer’s.

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