Lions Rework the Contract with Carlton Davis

The Detroit Lions have allegedly restructured cornerback Carlton Davis’ deal, freeing up an additional $4.5 million in salary cap room.

The veteran voiced his delight at the prospect of joining an NFL team that is on the rise after being moved to Detroit.

In 2020, Davis, then 27 years old, and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, led by famous quarterback Tom Brady, to a Super Bowl victory.

His idea of what it takes for a team to succeed at the highest levels was shaped by his Lombardi Trophy victory, and he feels that the current Lions roster possesses these attributes.

The gifted defensive back, whose contract was about to expire, was expected to make $14 million this year.

When questioned by local reporters, Davis said he needed to “get my feet wet” before considering such kinds of contract negotiations, but he was open to negotiating an extension with Detroit.

The playoff atmosphere at Ford Field impressed Davis much, as his former team, the Lions, had a boisterous and enthusiastic fan base.

It was really noisy. We knew we would have to face opposition from both the team and the supporters as soon as we entered the stadium. That day, the city was simply insane, according to Davis. “That was definitely in the top three of my career, and I’ve played in some pretty loud stadiums and arenas, but the dome was really loud.”


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