Captain Rozee pledges eight more years to Port Adelaide Football Club.

PORT ADELAIDE midfielder Connor Rozee has assumed the role of club captain, succeeding the recently retired Tom Jonas.

Donning the club’s number 1 guernsey, Rozee becomes the eighth captain in the club’s AFL era.

In celebration of this milestone, the two-time All-Australian has signed an eight-year contract extension.

Rozee expressed his gratitude at being appointed captain of Port Adelaide, describing it as a humbling experience.

Port Adelaide Football Club has announced Connor Rozee as their new captain.

“It’s a tremendous honor to be named captain of Port Adelaide, a club with over 150 years of history,” Rozee expressed. “It’s truly humbling to follow in the footsteps of legends like Russell Ebert, Gavin Wanganeen, Matthew Primus, Travis Boak, and many others. Wearing the number 1 guernsey fills me with immense pride, and I understand the significance of it.”

“I believe I’m prepared to lead our team into the future. While I’ll undoubtedly learn as I go, I know I’ll have strong support from my fellow leaders and former captains Ollie Wines and Travis Boak.”

Recruited as the fifth pick in the 2018 National Draft, the 23-year-old expressed his excitement about securing his future with the club.

“From the moment I arrived at this club, I knew I never wanted to leave. Committing to what could be my entire career here brings me great joy,” Rozee stated. “I deeply resonate with the values of this club, and I have strong connections with both the playing group and coaching staff. I’m confident in our direction, and being a South Australian, there’s no other club I’d rather be a part of.”

Port Adelaide senior coach Ken Hinkley expressed strong support for Rozee’s leadership abilities.

“Connor is undoubtedly prepared to lead this football club,” Hinkley affirmed. “He sets a great example on game days, consistently puts in the hard work during training, and approaches each week with the utmost professionalism.

“Crucially, he genuinely cares for his teammates and consistently upholds our team culture.

“At just 23 years old, Connor displays remarkable maturity and is a testament to himself and his family in terms of his personal growth.

“He embodies all the qualities expected of a Port Adelaide captain. He’s skilled, courageous, prioritizes the team, demonstrates selflessness, and remains humble. As a coach, I couldn’t ask for a better captain.”

Hinkley expressed the club’s joy over Rozee’s long-term commitment.

“Connor is an exceptional player and a key asset to our midfield,” he remarked. “He will continue to excite our members and fans with his playing style, and more importantly, lead our team with his character and camaraderie.

“Securing his presence at Port Adelaide for the next eight years is a momentous occasion for our entire organization.”

Additionally, midfielder Zak Butters has been named vice-captain, with Sam Powell-Pepper, Dan Houston, and Willem Drew included in the extended leadership group.

Hinkley expressed satisfaction with the composition of the revamped leadership group.

“Each member of the new leadership cohort brings a distinctive quality to the table,” Hinkley remarked. “It’s encouraging to see Zak Butters, another 23-year-old, appointed as vice-captain alongside Connor. This highlights their shared dedication to steering our club toward long-term success.

“Since they were drafted together, Connor and Zak have fostered a strong friendship, consistently pushing each other to improve.

“Similar to Connor, Zak leads by example in his training regimen, preparation, and performance. His relentless drive for success, coupled with Connor’s, ensures a promising future for our club.

“Additionally, it’s a well-deserved recognition for Sam, Dan, and Willem to be part of our extended leadership group. Each of them has navigated through challenges and emerged as leaders within our team, both on and off the field.

“It underscores the respect they command from their teammates and coaches.”

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