Dallas law enforcement is looking into reports of a purported sexual assault incident linked to Dak Prescott.

Dallas authorities are probing allegations of a purported sexual assault involving Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott and a woman dating back to 2017.

According to a spokesperson from the Dallas Police Department, they received a report regarding a sexual assault incident claimed to have taken place on February 2, 2017, in the vicinity of Stemmons Freeway’s 8500 block. The investigation remains ongoing.

The reported incident unfolded in the parking lot of XTC Cabaret, a Dallas strip club, with the report reaching Dallas police on Tuesday.

Additionally, Prosper police are looking into allegations of extortion that Prescott claims to be facing, as confirmed by an official to The Dallas Morning News.

In a lawsuit filed in Collin County on Monday, Prescott accused a Fort Worth woman of fabricating a sexual assault accusation in an attempt to extort $100 million from him. Denying the allegations, Prescott resides in Prosper.

Prescott’s attorney met with Prosper police the week prior, informing them of the potential coercion-related theft victimization his client may have faced, according to a Prosper town spokesperson. However, the department refrained from disclosing further details due to the active nature of the investigation.

The attorney representing Prescott, Levi G. McCathern, mentioned that the incident was consensual but refrained from providing additional specifics. The attorney’s meeting with Prosper Police occurred four days before the lawsuit’s filing, as per the spokesperson.

Court documents indicate that the alleged assault took place around February 2, 2017, in Plano, although it remains unclear whether Plano police have initiated an investigation into the matter.

The woman’s attorney, Yoel Zehaie, asserted during an interview on KRLD-FM (105.3 The Fan) that his client was “raped” by Prescott and suggested the possibility of an imminent civil lawsuit, while not ruling out criminal charges. It’s noteworthy that The Dallas Morning News typically refrains from disclosing the identities of sexual assault victims.

Both NFL and Cowboys officials have declined to comment on the issue.

In Texas, the criminal statute of limitations for sexual crimes against adults varies based on the offense’s severity. The state law stipulates a 10-year criminal statute of limitations and a five-year civil statute of limitations for sexual assault against adults.

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