Former Marlin reacts to Jazz Chisholm’s critique by saying, “You’re unfamiliar with who I am.”

Miami Marlins standout Jazz Chisholm strongly criticized a former teammate and the team’s atmosphere during his initial seasons with the organization. Chisholm singled out a “team captain,” widely speculated to be Miguel Rojas, alleging that this individual was detrimental to the development of young players who were meant to thrive. These remarks gained significant attention online, prompting Rojas, who has since joined the Los Angeles Dodgers, to become aware of them.

Miguel Rojas and Jazz Chisholm

“On ‘The Chris Rose Rotation,’ Rojas remarked, ‘Everyone has the right to their own perspective. If you want to critique my performance as a player, that’s fair game. However, labeling me as a negative individual when you’re not acquainted with me personally, that’s what truly bothers me.'”

“I’m not seeking universal approval, and I don’t necessarily mesh with everyone either. Nevertheless, that doesn’t grant me the authority to publicly pass judgment on what’s happening within the clubhouse,” Rojas elaborated. “As a professional, it’s crucial to recognize the importance of respecting all individuals within that environment. When you join a new team, there are existing members who’ve been there before you. There are established protocols, and it’s imperative to be accountable to them.”

Jazz Chisholm and Miguel Rojas on field



The 26-year-old gained attention for his flashy approach to playing, evident when he initially joined the team in 2020 for a brief period before transitioning into a full-time player in 2021. However, his flamboyant style both in appearance and gameplay clashed with the preferences of veteran players on the team, prompting a team meeting during his 2022 All-Star campaign.

“They tried to confine me to a certain mold, but I wasn’t conforming,” Chisholm commented regarding teammates with whom he didn’t socialize off the field. “They criticized my attire when arriving at the field. ‘Oh, he wears multiple chains during games.’ ‘He doesn’t wear formal shoes on team flights.'”

Jazz Chisholm Jr and Skip Schumaker


Heading into the 2024 season, Chisholm praised manager Skip Schumaker for his role in transforming the atmosphere within the Marlins’ clubhouse. Schumaker assumed the managerial position from Don Mattingly the previous year, and under his leadership, Miami secured its initial postseason berth since 2020, despite ultimately falling short in the NL Wild Card game.

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