3 overlooked questions preventing Commanders growth in 2024

Even if the Washington Commanders manage to secure their franchise quarterback with the No. 2 overall pick in the 2024 NFL Draft, it doesn’t imply that their roster is complete; quite the contrary. Despite recent changes, it’s crucial to recognize that the team is likely farther from achieving desired success than many perceive.

A significant concern revolves around offensive coordinator Kliff Kingsbury’s suitability to foster improvements on the offensive front. There are concerns about his teams’ decline in the latter parts of seasons and his ability to adapt mid-game, which is a troubling aspect that cannot be ignored.

Amidst the recent surge in optimism, it’s important not to overlook potential pitfalls. Instead, the Commanders should acknowledge these risks to ensure they address all necessary areas heading into the 2024 season.

Considering this, there are three critical questions that could undermine Washington’s chances of a turnaround in 2024.

Despite Kingsbury’s commanding presence and endorsements from players like Patrick Mahomes and Caleb Williams, his track record doesn’t boast significant success. The comparison to Ron Rivera’s players, who similarly endorsed him but didn’t yield favorable results, is noteworthy.

During his tenure with the Arizona Cardinals, Kingsbury accumulated a 28-37-1 record over four years. While the challenges of winning in the NFL are undeniable, his performance raises questions about his coaching prowess.

The question remains whether Kingsbury can align with the expectations set by Dan Quinn, especially given that he doesn’t possess the offensive genius reputation of Mike McDaniel or Kyle Shanahan. Thus, there’s pressure on him to effectively implement his strategies during this offseason.

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