Are there rumors circulating about the possibility of Taylor Decker being put on the trade market by the Detroit Lions?

Among the Detroit Lions’ players entering the final year of their contracts, left tackle Taylor Decker may not rank at the top. However, after the conclusion of last season, the team’s longest-serving player made his future intentions abundantly clear.

“I definitely want to end my career here,” Decker expressed to Kyle Meinke of MLive. “I would say ultimately, for me, this is where I want to be. Of course, you want money, but for me, I like being here. I love being here. I was able to be a part of climbing out of the trenches of it, and it’s been fun the past year-and-a-half to see the flip side of it. Whatever happens with the contract, I don’t know. There’s been nothing of substance with (negotiations) so far. But ultimately, do I want to be here forever? One-hundred percent. So, we’ll see.”

It’s unsurprising that Decker desires to remain with the Lions for his entire career, and it’s reasonable to assume that the team reciprocates this sentiment. The key now is to finalize a contract extension that will prolong his tenure beyond the upcoming season. Currently carrying a $19.1 million cap hit for the year, this figure would naturally decrease with a contract extension.

Speculation swirls: Is Taylor Decker of the Detroit Lions up for trade?

In a recent mock draft for The 33rd Team, Ian Valentino proposed an unconventional choice for the Detroit Lions: selecting BYU offensive tackle Kingsley Suamataia. However, it’s the reasoning behind this selection that draws attention.

Valentino suggests that there is speculation circulating about the possibility of the Lions parting ways with Taylor Decker due to his substantial $19.1 million cap hit. This supposed “buzz” regarding Decker’s potential departure is more significant than initially expected. It’s worth noting that Valentino, while not a journalist or insider, may have access to insights from sources within The 33rd Team who could be privy to relevant information.

While it may seem improbable for the Lions to trade Decker this offseason rather than extending his contract, considering he’s an experienced player entering the final year of his current deal, nothing should be entirely ruled out. It’s unlikely that the Lions would trade their longstanding left tackle without having a plan in place to replace him, which could potentially involve drafting a player like Suamataia.

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