The strongest case opposing the Tennessee Titans’ selection of Joe Alt in the draft

Bruce Matthews, Mike Munchak, Brad Hopkins, Kevin Mawae, Michael Roos, and Taylor Lewan stand out as some of the esteemed names when reflecting on the Tennessee Titans and their legacy of exceptional offensive linemen.

Peter Skoronski has the potential to join this illustrious roster if he fulfills his draft expectations. In three weeks, the Tennessee Titans could potentially add another standout offensive lineman if they select Joe Alt, the left tackle from Notre Dame, with the seventh pick in the 2024 NFL Draft.

I am firmly convinced that Joe Alt should be the Tennessee Titans’ next left tackle. In any other draft class, he would likely be a top-3 pick, but the Titans’ fortunate position with the 7th pick in a draft projected to prioritize quarterbacks might make Alt available at this spot.

With four quarterbacks expected to be chosen in the first six picks, the Titans could be presented with a choice between Alt and one of the three premier wide receiver prospects, namely Marvin Harrison Jr., Malik Nabers, and Rome Odunze.

The recent appointment of Bill Callahan as their offensive line coach and the acquisition of top center Lloyd Cushenberry in free agency indicate that the Tennessee Titans are on the brink of transforming their struggling offensive line into one of the league’s finest in just one offseason.

While there might not be a unanimous decision across the NFL, the majority of draft analysts and opposing coaches who faced Notre Dame agree that Joe Alt is the standout tackle prospect in this class, with the talent pool becoming less clear beyond him.

Given this widespread consensus, it seems logical for the Tennessee Titans not to overlook Joe Alt in the first round. What could be more fitting than adding a player whose track record and lineage epitomize a “10-year Pro Bowl left tackle”?

However, there’s one potential factor that could sway the decision: dominance.

The final puzzle piece for constructing the most potent passing offense in the NFL lies in the Titans’ hands. When the Houston Texans secured 31-year-old receiver Stefon Diggs via trade, discussions erupted regarding the Texans’ trio of wide receivers compared to others in the league.

Yet, none of the contenders for the top spot possess a formidable third receiver. The third receivers in these debates included names like Braxton Berrios, Tyler Scott, and DeMarcus Robinson. Each group heavily relies on their top two receivers, such as DeAndre Hopkins and Calvin Ridley.

Should the Tennessee Titans find themselves on the clock with Marvin Harrison Jr. or Malik Nabers still available, they would be one selection away from assembling the best trio of wide receivers in the NFL.

While my inclination remains towards Joe Alt, the Tennessee Titans have never boasted a wide receiver corps that comes close to rivaling what DeAndre Hopkins, Calvin Ridley, and potentially Malik Nabers could offer with Treylon Burks, Kyle Philips, and NWI in support.

The prospect of fielding a genuinely dominant trio of receivers might present a compelling argument for pursuing someone like Andrus Peat to fill the left tackle position temporarily, before seeking a long-term solution through free agency, the draft, or a trade after the 2024 season.

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