Celtic Winger Receives Another Injury Setback

Celtic’s winger Marco Tilio faces another setback as he’s ruled out of the Asian Cup due to injury.

Upon joining Celtic initially with fitness concerns, Tilio had limited game time before moving on loan to Melbourne City. His return to Australia showed promise, with standout performances earning him the Player of the Month award and revitalizing his game. However, his progress has been halted yet again.

Tilio recently revealed on Instagram that he sustained a quad injury while recovering from a hamstring problem. This unfortunate development means he’ll miss the upcoming Under-23 Asian Cup, for which he was selected based on his impressive displays.

This setback is a significant disappointment for Tilio, who had hoped to use the opportunity to gain international experience and continue his upward trajectory. Participating in the Asian Cup could have been a boost to his career and confidence.

Both Celtic and Melbourne City will closely monitor Tilio’s recovery, aiming for his swift return to form after this latest obstacle.

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