Browns NFL Draft Outlook: Left tackle prospect Blake Fisher could potentially enhance Cleveland’s offensive line.

Four years later, the Cleveland Browns are still anticipating Jedrick Wills to fulfill the potential they saw in him when they drafted him with a top-10 pick in the 2020 NFL Draft.

While there’s a chance Wills could finally deliver an above-average performance in the 2024 season, it might not suffice for a contract extension. This is especially true considering the talent and depth available at the offensive tackle position in this year’s NFL draft class.

Blake Fisher is a prospect likely to catch Cleveland’s attention heading into draft weekend due to his versatility, refined technique, and immediate impact potential.

Expert Opinions:

“Fisher possesses all the necessary attributes to excel in the NFL. His combination of speed and size at 6’6″, 312 pounds makes him a formidable presence at right tackle. Fisher’s skill set is well-polished, displaying strong punches and adaptability to various setups, which is uncommon for a two-year starter.” – A.J. Schulte, Pro Football Network Scout

“Blake Fisher is a technically proficient offensive tackle with powerful hands and an intriguing athletic profile, suggesting he could make an immediate impact at the next level.” – The Draft Network

“In summary, Fisher is a young, agile, and powerful blocker with excellent athletic traits that make him a valuable asset in zone run schemes as a tackle. While he may have some inconsistencies as a pass protector, particularly requiring development in this area to become a regular starter, he possesses the potential and attributes to achieve this within his rookie contract.” – Brandon Thorn, B/R NFL Scout

– Impressive length with strong hands for controlling defenders at the point of attack
– Consistent hand placement upon initial punch
– Superior footspeed, consistently placing himself in favorable blocking positions
– Scheme versatility, succeeding in multiple run schemes at Notre Dame
– Above-average ability to anchor against bull rushes and wide rushers in pass protection
– Agility and footwork allowing him to seal defenders on outside runs
– Advanced technique in both run and pass blocking phases

– Struggles to recover or reset if he oversets or loses hand battles early
– Needs improvement in maintaining consistent pad level in the run game
– Occasionally slow with hand movement

Impact on Browns Player Drafting:
– Selecting Fisher would likely signal the end of Jedrick Wills’ tenure in Cleveland unless Wills undergoes a significant improvement in the 2024 season.

– High. Jedrick Wills has shown glimpses of above-average play during his time in Cleveland, but lacks the consistency required for the left tackle position. To enhance offensive production and overall team performance, drafting an offensive tackle at pick 54 or 85 would be advantageous for the Browns.

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