The Kansas City Royals intend to maintain their current arrangement with Hunter Renfroe, at least for the time being.

The reaction to the Kansas City Royals signing veteran outfielder Hunter Renfroe in December was mixed. Renfroe, a well-known name in baseball, had previously showcased his power-hitting abilities with San Diego before making notable contributions in postseason play with Tampa Bay and Boston. While Renfroe’s addition to Kansas City provided the team with a new power hitter and contributed to the buzz surrounding general manager J.J. Picollo’s personnel moves, not everyone viewed the signing positively. Some preferred to see internal talent utilized for the right field spot, while concerns arose regarding Renfroe’s defensive capabilities.

Unfortunately, Renfroe’s struggles continued into spring training, further fueling doubts. Despite expectations, his performance in the Cactus League fell short, with just five hits in 31 at-bats, a .161 batting average, and a high strikeout rate. The beginning of the regular season didn’t see much improvement, as it took Renfroe five games to reach base, breaking his initial 0-for-16 slump with a single off Baltimore’s Corbin Burnes. However, his overall batting figures remained subpar, with only three additional hits and a slash line of .138/.167/.241.

These numbers were not what the Royals had hoped for when signing Renfroe, leading to disappointment among fans and pundits alike. Despite this, the team is not expected to part ways with Renfroe anytime soon.

The Kansas City Royals plan to keep Hunter Renfroe in their lineup.

Despite Hunter Renfroe’s underwhelming performance at the plate, the Kansas City Royals have no plans to part ways with him. Unlike the approach taken with Brady Singer two seasons ago, where Singer was briefly sent to Triple-A Omaha to regain form away from the pressures of the big leagues, this option isn’t viable for Renfroe due to his lack of minor league options. With it being too early for a trade and the club not considering designating him for assignment, Renfroe is expected to remain with the team.

Renfroe’s tenure with the Royals is seen as essential, despite his struggles early in the season. It wouldn’t make sense to let him go just ten games into the new season. Renfroe has shown his power-hitting capabilities throughout his career, having hit at least 20 home runs twice, notably during his first big league season where he played only 11 games, and during the shortened 2020 campaign due to the pandemic.

His power hitting is precisely what the Royals need, especially considering their middling offensive performance, ranking 18th in the majors in runs scored. Improving their scoring output is crucial, and Renfroe’s recent home run against Chicago could indicate a positive turn. Additionally, Renfroe has not posed any defensive issues, further solidifying his place on the team.

So, Renfroe will continue to see regular action. Kansas City is a patient club not prone to react rashly or too swiftly when its players struggle; it will wait, for his hitting to come around and his production to increase. Manager Matt Quatraro isn’t going to stop putting Renfroe’s name on KC’s lineup cards.

Not yet, that is. But things could change if Renfroe isn’t looking better when April turns to May.

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