Four Atlanta Falcons acquisitions at risk of being overlooked this offseason.

Darnell Mooney

While much attention surrounding the Atlanta Falcons’ offensive moves has centered on Kirk Cousins, it’s understandable given the impact a quarterback like Cousins can have on a team, particularly after the franchise’s recent struggles in that position. However, amidst the spotlight on Cousins, Darnell Mooney’s potential contribution to the team shouldn’t be overlooked.

Expected to slot in as the second receiver, Mooney might be overshadowed by the likes of Bijan Robinson, Drake London, and Kyle Pitts. Yet, Mooney’s ability shouldn’t be underestimated. Although his stats might not immediately catch the eye, a closer look at Chicago Bears games reveals reasons behind his less-than-stellar numbers.

Under the helm of Justin Fields, the Bears’ offense occasionally faltered, leading to missed opportunities for Mooney. Whether it was a case of him being open but not targeted or the team’s focus on the ground game, Mooney’s potential wasn’t fully realized. However, in a more conducive passing offense with a competent quarterback, Mooney has the tools to thrive.

Credit is due to Terry Fontenot for securing a reliable second option, something the Falcons have lacked since the departure of Julio Jones to the Titans. Atlanta’s upgrade at the receiver position will undoubtedly be evident, particularly with Zac Robinson’s offensive system emphasizing the significance of the role.

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