Following a dominant start to the season, Tyler Anderson praises Angels fans.

A standing ovation greeted Los Angeles Angels starting pitcher Tyler Anderson as he left the mound on Monday night at Angel Stadium in the eighth inning.

It was totally earned. The seasoned left-hander defeated the Tampa Bay Rays 7-1 after pitching seven innings without allowing a run. With just 91 pitches, he recorded 21 outs, walking one and striking out three.
Regarding the standing ovation, Anderson remarked, “That was great.” “We have an amazing following. I believe my pitch to them was weak last year. Thus, it always feels pleasant to start the year this way when individuals are present.

This season, Anderson is off to an incredible start. He became the first pitcher for the Angels since Hector Santiago in 2016 to pitch at least seven shutout innings in two straight games. He hasn’t allowed a run in 14 innings. But in his first two starts of the season, a pitcher for the Angels had never done it before.

His two starts so far have put last year behind him. After signing a three-year, $39 million contract, Anderson had a 5.13 ERA and a 6-6 record in his debut season.

What distinguishes this season from the previous one? His strategy and his defense.

Anderson remarked, “I think really just trying to go pitch to pitch, and not try to think too much.” “Just make an effort to complete as many as you can. Furthermore, I think our defense has improved significantly over the past two games. I don’t get struck out that much. Our placement has been excellent. Numerous topics that we have discussed. Our staff has made wonderful modifications, and the guys have done a terrific job. It’s crucial to have guys at the right places at the right times.

Angels fans will have to wait to see if Anderson can carry over his stellar start into 2024 because he isn’t expected to pitch again until at least Sunday.

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