Shaquille O’Neal, a prominent figure in the NBA, expresses significant faith in the Miami Heat.

NBA personality Shaquille O’Neal expressed confidence in the Miami Heat’s ability to defeat the Philadelphia 76ers in the Play-In Tournament, securing the seventh seed in the Eastern Conference.

During the NBA Game Break on TNT, Charles Barkley suggested that if the Sixers maintained the No. 7 spot, they could beat the Milwaukee Bucks in the playoffs’ first round. O’Neal, however, disagreed with Barkley’s optimism regarding his former team.

O’Neal asserted, “They are not beating the Heat in a playoff series. Don’t ever count out Jimmy Butler and the Heat because it’s not going to happen.” Despite the panel’s skepticism, O’Neal remained firm, stating that the Heat would prevail against the 76ers consistently.

The Heat and the 76ers have faced each other four times this season, splitting the series with all games decided by seven points or less. Although the 76ers currently hold a slight lead in the standings, O’Neal’s confidence in the Heat’s ability to succeed in the playoffs is rooted in their recent postseason achievements.

The Heat’s journey to the NBA Finals in 2023, following a narrow entry into the playoffs, and their victory over the 76ers in six games during the 2022 Eastern Conference Finals contribute to O’Neal’s belief in their capabilities.

With two regular-season games remaining for each team, the 76ers are one game ahead of the Heat for the seventh seed, setting the stage for a potential Play-In matchup at the Wells Fargo Center. The 76ers will face the Orlando Magic and the Brooklyn Nets in their remaining games, while the Heat will host the Toronto Raptors for their final two games of the season.N

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