Cam Newton suggests that Magic City, an establishment in Atlanta, would welcome Shedeur Sanders joining the Atlanta Falcons with appreciation.

The potential destination for Shedeur Sanders in the 2025 NFL Draft has sparked considerable discussion. Many, including Coach Prime, have shared their insights. Coach Prime emphasized two key points: Shedeur wouldn’t go to a cold-weather city, and he’s looking for a winning franchise. Deion Sanders even predicted Shedeur could be selected within the top four picks. However, Cam Newton has a different perspective.

Newton recently expressed on Club Shay Shay that he doesn’t foresee Sanders being picked early in the draft, despite having another year left at Colorado. However, Newton did mention one favorable landing spot for the Buffs’ quarterback: “Atlanta.” While some might question this due to Kirk Cousins’ hefty contract with the Falcons, Newton believes it’s possible with a significant commitment.

“If Prime can get Shedeur in Atlanta, let me tell you something, all businesses, including Magic City, will be appreciative of that damn pick right there,” Newton added. “Real talk. So, these are the things that…but I don’t think he’ll be a top-four pick as he was on record as saying. And that’s fine.”

According to ESPN’s Mel Kiper Jr., Sanders was considered one of the top three quarterbacks on this year’s draft board. However, he decided to wait another year, a decision that could prove wise. This delay could bring more NIL (Name, Image, and Likeness) opportunities and provide Shedeur with a full season under Pat Shurmur’s offensive scheme. This extra time could better position him with improved game footage for NFL scouts, potentially elevating him to the top of next year’s draft class.

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