Discover why the Philadelphia Eagles might face a prohibition on wearing their home jerseys during the NFL’s season opener in Brazil.

The Philadelphia Eagles are gearing up for a significant game against the Green Bay Packers in Brazil, marking a historic moment for the NFL as it ventures into South America for the first time. The game is scheduled to take place at Sao Paulo’s Corinthians Arena, a venue steeped in local sports history, primarily known for hosting soccer matches for its home team, Corinthians.

However, amidst the anticipation for this groundbreaking event, a unique challenge has arisen. The Eagles are facing a ban on wearing their iconic green home jerseys. Why the ban for the Brazil match? It all ties into a longstanding rivalry between Corinthians and Palmeiras, another prominent Brazilian soccer club.

At the heart of this rivalry lies an informal prohibition on the color green within the confines of Corinthians Arena. This ban originates from Palmeiras’ strong association with the color green, which serves as its team’s primary color. Consequently, there’s a deeply ingrained tradition of forbidding anything green within the stadium, extending to attire worn by players and supporters alike.

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