Football player Jeremy Finlayson receives disciplinary action from the AFL due to a reprehensible homophobic remark, sparking controversy among fans over the penalty.

Port Adelaide’s forward Jeremy Finlayson has received a three-game suspension after confessing to making a homophobic slur towards an unidentified Essendon player. The AFL determined that Finlayson used an “unprompted and highly offensive” comment during the third quarter of Port Adelaide’s 69-point victory against Essendon on Friday night. In addition to the three-game suspension, Finlayson will have to attend a Pride In Sport training program at his own expense.

The AFL considered Finlayson’s apology and acknowledgment of his mistake the following day when determining the penalty. AFL general counsel Stephen Meade emphasized that Finlayson, along with everyone else, recognizes that the word he used is hurtful and entirely unacceptable. The AFL reaffirmed its stance that homophobia has no place in the sport or in society, aiming to ensure that everyone, including LGBTQI+ communities, feels safe participating in or attending AFL games.

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