Giants narrowly escape a major scare in a thrilling encounter against the Saints, yet a key player ends up hospitalized amidst a string of injuries: 3-2-1.

The Giants managed to withstand a late surge from St Kilda to secure a nail-biting victory by just one point, with the final scores reading 11.14 (80) to 12.7 (79), in a thrilling match held in Canberra amidst a flurry of injuries.

Among the casualties were Sam Taylor, who suffered a concussion, and Max King and Stephen Coniglio, both dealing with potential knee injuries, leaving both teams facing potential repercussions from the day’s events.

St Kilda staged a remarkable comeback by scoring the last six goals of the match and came agonizingly close to snatching the win with a final push inside the 50-meter arc. However, James Peatling’s crucial intercept mark thwarted their efforts, preserving the Giants’ unbeaten record at 5-0 for the season, while the Saints’ record dropped to 2-3.

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