Jalen Hurts of the Philadelphia Eagles is tired of the constant turnover among offensive coordinators.

Despite experiencing a rapid ascent from the 53rd pick in the 2020 NFL Draft, Jalen Hurts believes he lacks a crucial component for success: coaching stability. In his first press conference since the Philadelphia Eagles replaced offensive coordinator Brian Johnson earlier in the offseason, Hurts expressed his sentiments on the matter.

He emphasized his desire for consistency and sustainability in coaching, particularly as a quarterback, recognizing how continuity in those roles can lead to excellence. Hurts noted that his most successful seasons coincided with having the same offensive coordinator for consecutive years, citing his top performances in terms of touchdown-interception ratios and yards per attempt during those periods, under the guidance of then-offensive coordinator Shane Steichen, who is now the head coach of the Indianapolis Colts.

However, despite the changes, Hurts remains optimistic about the potential with incoming coordinator Kellen Moore.

The Philadelphia Eagles continually demonstrate the value of having an abundance of offensive weapons, contributing to Howie Roseman’s ongoing success.

With each new year comes a fresh offensive coordinator for Jalen Hurts.

Brian Johnson and Jalen Hurts confer on the sideline

The Philadelphia Eagles’ quarterback finds himself in a familiar situation reminiscent of his college years, where he never had the same play-caller for consecutive seasons during his time at Alabama and Oklahoma. Despite the constant changes, Hurts acknowledges his ability to adapt and find success in such circumstances, noting the opportunity to learn from different coaches and apply their teachings.

While Hurts values consistency, he expresses respect for former coordinator Brian Johnson, believing he has the potential to become a successful head coach in the NFL. However, with the arrival of Kellen Moore, Hurts anticipates adjustments to the offensive scheme. Moore’s previous coaching experience with the Dallas Cowboys and Los Angeles Chargers suggests a potential shift away from the Eagles’ heavy reliance on shotgun formations, which could require adaptation from Hurts and the team.

Hurts’ situation is not unique, as all 32 NFL teams are experiencing turnover in offensive coordinator positions this offseason. Moore’s emphasis on motion in his play-calling contrasts with the Eagles’ previous approach, indicating the need for compromise and adjustment to accommodate the team’s strengths.

Hurts expresses readiness to embrace Moore’s coaching style, adopting a receptive and adaptive mindset to facilitate the team’s growth. He emphasizes the importance of establishing a foundation and adjusting accordingly, highlighting the collective effort required for success.

Following the Eagles’ strong finish to the 2023 season, Hurts believes that adopting a mindset of openness and readiness for change will be crucial for the team’s success in the upcoming season.

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