Braves pitcher Spencer Strider openly talks about his elbow surgery and the widespread issue of pitching injuries.

ATLANTA — Braves player Spencer Strider openly discussed his recent elbow surgery and the pervasive issue of pitching injuries, offering insights into his recovery and the broader conversation around player health and performance in Major League Baseball.

The Braves and their officials expressed optimism about Strider’s return to full form following his recent elbow surgery, despite it being his second major procedure in five years. Strider underwent internal brace surgery to address ligament damage caused by a bone fragment, a less invasive alternative to Tommy John surgery.

In his first media appearance since the surgery, Strider detailed his journey, from initial discomfort to the decision for surgery and the subsequent recovery process. He emphasized the complexity of pitching injuries and cautioned against oversimplifying the causes, rejecting the notion that increased velocity alone leads to injuries.

Strider highlighted various factors contributing to pitching injuries, including the pitch clock, ball condition, substance bans, and changes in the strike zone. He likened pitchers’ arms to cars, with some needing more maintenance than others due to inherent differences.

Despite setbacks, Strider remains hopeful for his recovery and trusts the medical staff’s expertise. He acknowledged the disappointment of missing on-field action but expressed support for his teammates’ pursuit of success, affirming his commitment to cheering them on from the sidelines.

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