Patrick Roy desires his players to commit themselves physically in order to secure victory during the playoffs.

Patrick Roy has a wealth of experience in playoff success, having achieved it as a player with both the Canadiens and Avalanche, and later as head coach of the Remparts. Now, he aims to replicate that success as head coach in the NHL.

The Islanders, who secured third place in the Metropolitan Division, are set to face the Carolina Hurricanes in the first round. Despite the Hurricanes being favored, Roy understands what it takes to win in the playoffs.

During a press conference following Islanders training, Roy emphasized the importance of players being willing to sacrifice their bodies for the team, drawing on his own experiences. He highlighted that such sacrifices were integral to his Stanley Cup victories.

Roy’s assertion is underscored by a memorable moment from the 1993 playoffs when, playing for the Canadiens against the Quebec Nordiques, he continued playing despite sustaining a shoulder injury. His determination epitomized the commitment required for playoff success, ultimately contributing to the Canadiens’ triumph.

While sacrificing one’s body is crucial in playoff hockey, it doesn’t guarantee victory. This was evident in Aaron Ekblad’s case, who endured multiple injuries during the Panthers’ playoff series last year without securing the Stanley Cup.

For the Islanders to emerge as the NHL’s Cinderella team, they must embody relentlessness. Following Patrick Roy’s advice serves as a promising starting point for their playoff journey.

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